Agk Infotech is a leading IT Services and IT Solutions firm, providing technology service offerings like Software Development, Application Development and Management, System Integration, Testing, Performance Engineering, Data Management Services, Cloud Computing, Online Web and Multimedia Services. With strong expertise with Industry, Functional areas, outstanding technology practices and a worldwide delivery model, we enable companies to accomplish their business targets and fulfill their objectives. For maximum adaptability, acceleration, and agility, a robust IT Solution is critical. Caritor Solutions, helps companies make the most ROI of their IT investments by providing System Integration Solutions, Application Development, Maintenance Services and Testing Solutions. Contact Caritor Solutions for the best IT Services.

IT Services


Application Development

At Agk Infotech, Application Development is tailored to each customer's special needs and IT environment with individual unique features. In addition to developing applications with unique customizable features, AGK infotech consultancy services include independent assessment and implementation advice to a company's internal applications, systems and networks. We have suitable solutions with market proven methods and tools to enable better management of all applications, systems and networks. Along with our Best Practices, we offer quick solutions for software customization compatible to various operating platforms.

With rich domain knowledge and a strong project management framework, Agk Infotech ensures that your applications are developed quickly and deployed to perfection. We associate ourselves with the customers and ensure that we accomplish the service levels on the most critical parameters of application development- on time, seamless, and cost-effective..

Application Modernization

Though there is a wide range and availability of software applications, technology and break through inventions, most of the organizations are finding it difficult to 'come out of their legacy systems'. Application or Legacy Modernization Services from Cryptographtech either in form of consulting, implementation, development and maintenance can help you to break free and get empowered with the latest technology that can lead your organization towards efficiency and effectiveness.

The Process:
With wide range of tools, data & report migration techniques, and an experienced consulting team in handling varied legacy systems like COBOL, FoxPro, VB, etc., we offer your organization, the best suited technology based on your requirements, budget and vision. We also help your Management, IT teams & End users to catch up with the latest technologies with excellent Change Management and End User Training, Documentation & Support offerings.

AGK infotech can help migrate your legacy systems to a wide range of technologies including:
Microsoft Technologies
Java Based Applications
Cloud Based (SaaS, HaaS etc.,) Services

Cloud Services

In today's world of uncertainty and competitiveness at various levels, IT is proving to be the key in staying on top of the dynamics – market, product, service, people, efficiencies… In short, IT has to become the way of life for the business wanting complete control and growth With the further changes and more volatility in the markets, the life span of IT Applications has reduced drastically with new requirements pouring in day by day and often leading to a complete change in the architecture – needing a 're-investment'

Implementing perfect systems, maintenance and enhancements require a lot of valuable time from the management, which otherwise could be used to managing the core business of the organization.

Agk Infotech offers a wide range of cloud services including consulting, implementation, maintenance and support. These services help the clients in:
1. Reducing over 60% in the Total Cost of Ownership
2. Eliminating huge capital investments
3. Avoiding the need to maintain & manage specialist IT teams
4. Staying worry free about upgradations and vital enhancements

IT Infrastructure Services

IT Infrastructure plays a vital role in every decision related to your organization. Effective IT Infrastructure planning, management and support is required to keep your IT & IT Enabled applications & services up and running with high availability, scalability and secure.

Agk Infotech offers the following IT Infrastructure Services:

1. Managed Services:
We offer a wide range of Managed services including Server, Database, Storage, Backup, Applications management that are vital for day to day operations.

2. IT Service Desk:
After having set up all the applications and systems, AGK infotech can help you in managing your IT services by setting up a service desk. AGK infotech has dedicated tools and products to manage the IT Services and establishing an IT Help Desk that could track, report and even send out alerts.

3. Network Services:
If you are setting up a new office or manufacturing location, we can help you establish and implement an efficient & secure network system. For other connectivity solutions, we have tie ups with leading telecom providers and can get you the best solutions regarding data & voice connectivity.

4. Data Centre Services:
We will help you in developing a robust Data Centre infrastructure at your premises. We offer various services including data centre consulting, building, operating and even training services..

5. Migration & Deployment:
We have a strong consulting and process framework through which we can handle all your migration and deployment services.

Our services include: Data Management Medical Writing Analytics

Testing Services

The testing practice at Agk Infotech includes consulting services, functionality testing as well as the end to end documentation support. These testing services are executed through a pool of varied expertise in the testing domain as well as with strong functional overview. A combination of all of the above ensures quick and valued results for the clients.

Our strong project management skills ensure that the services follows standard testing cycles or adapt to the phases as per the client requirement. Our standard reporting process ensures that the program is transparent and the client receives all the feedback, results and the status of the project on time and with value